Culinary adventures

After an intense summer that we are leaving behind, we are introducing into the fall season, and although it doesn’t officially start until 21st September, is filling us of energy to carry out new ideas and projects.

We have been thinking for some time that we would like to cross borders and don’t just offer you our loved kitchen in the Bouquet Restaurant, but also reveal the secrets of its preparation to give you the opportunity to enjoy it in your favorite placesa and as you prefer, at home with your partner, in a picnic with friends, in a family celebration… so we have set the course towards this new adventure where we will offer you a new recipe every month, hoping to arouse your curiosity to enter to the wonderful gastronomy world. We’ll do it in a clear and simple way using ingredients and utensils accessible for all with the aim of making it a nice experience and delightfully funny! And who knows, maybe with your talent and a bit of our inspiration we will see you in the next castings of Masterchef  J

So, without further ado, we will start with the tasty Iberian pork in teriyaki sauce with chips and mashed sweet potatoes, a must to make a great debut because their warm and earthy tones are the most characteristic of this season.

The ingredients that we will need for 2 persons are: 500gr. of Iberian pork (called Pluma Ibérica in Spain, a tender piece of iberien pork), 20cl. of teriyaki sauce, 10cl. of soy sauce, 15g. of sugar, 1 carrot, 1 yuca, 2 sweet potatoes, oil and salt and pepper to season it.

We will divide the elaboration into three parts, the preparation of sauce, the preparation of chips and the elaboration of the plate. For the sauce, we will reduce in a pan the teriyaki sauce, the soy sauce and the sugar until we get a candy texture. Then, we will cut the vegetables very fine and fry them in hot oil until toast them in a golden colour to  obtain the chips, which we will season before serving. At the same time, we boil the sweet potatoes and pass the  into the potato masher. The next step will be to mark the meat in a pan with a little oil, to fillet it and add the sauce, reserving a little part of it. Finally, we will preheat the oven at 220°C where we will bake the meat for 3 minutes. For the plating, we will place the sweet potatoe puree in the bottom of the dish making a bed for the meat, on which we will place the chips of vegetables and finish the plate with the sauce we have reserved.

Do you dare to try it and tell us your results? In that case, don’t forget to upload your photos on social networks mentioning  #chefhesperiatower and you will have a surprise!

Happy ending of summer to all and best wishes to begin the fall season! 😉

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