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Discovering our local products

This March will be a great month for our food proximity, as you will have the opportunity to discover our products 100% local and original variants to be served, making our kitchen into a laboratory to search for maximum authenticity. ..and we are delighted!

On 25 February  the new edition of L’Hospitalet #QuintoTapa route was started, which has already become a benchmark for Km.0 products began. More than thirty restaurants will participate this year serving up to 50 different tapas, all with the same goal: to bring seasonal products Agricultural Park Baix Llobregat its customers until 13 March. You can find the cover Km.0 to 3 € and the House to € 2.50, in both cases accompanied by a fifth beer sponsor Moritz. This route, besides becoming a delicious dining experience, also offers you a chance to win, “tasty” prizes by participating in the contest: through “tapaporte” you will be able to accumulate stamps in establishments where you consume these tapas and eligible for prizes like a dinner at Restaurant Carme Ruscalleda a Michelin star or the famous Factory Moritz Barcelona. And pay attention customers, cooks and waiters, because the prize for the best waiter and the best photo of Instagram is also delivered. So get to work and begin testing our original tapas served in Restaurant Bouquet!

QuintoTapa in Bouquet Restaurant

And even today it is the turn to the campaign “March Gastronomic” a new opportunity to enjoy the most recognized in our environment as the Prat artichoke, almost 100 years of history that has become the queen of the crop of products Central Delta and offers a sweet and juicy flavor of high quality, or Pota Blava chicken. The latter, in addition to the singular peculiarity of having literally the paw blue, has a glowing skin and a smooth flesh and intense flavor with little fat, a longer cooking time manages to evoke the flavor of chickens natural of yesteryear. This is due to the special care by breeders throughout the Baix Llobregat where it enjoys almost four months aging outdoor and organic food based on natural products such as corn or bran, which he has valid certification protected Geographical Indication unique in the Spanish territory. Our xefs, aware of the richness of our nearest land, are regular users of these products you can find in many of the dishes on the menu, but for this occasion have produced a menu 100% Baix Llobregat that you can not resist. Check out the menu and start to book a table!

Menu Pota Blava Bouquet Restaurant

Have you alreday planned something for Valentine’s Day?

Although there are different stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day we want to explain our most dreamy version because we are always in favor of devising our own stories and dreams and there is no better stage to do it than in the most romantic day of the year !

The story tells that Valentine was a recognized priest who exerted in the third century in Rome during the empire of Claudius II who forbade the marriage between young people because he though that the soldiers were better on the battlefield being alone.

The priest disobeyed the emperor and decided to follow his legacy marrying young lovers in secret. When Claudius II discovered this ordered to jail him and cut off his head.

During his captivity, Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer, whose love for her and his great faith, miraculously healed her blindness before his death. Before his execution on 14th February, he sent a love message to the girl with the signature “from your Valentine”.

As a tribute to this romantic story, every 14th February lovers exchange gifts and they plan special evenings to show their love.

That date is approaching, and you have to think what you will give to your lover. It has to be of course something different, and magical plan…you are looking for an unforgettable day. So don’t worry we would like to help you to surprise that so special person to you, and we have the perfect plan 😉

The evening will begin at our Restaurant Bouquet, with a gourmet menu full of textures and tastes that sure will seduce your palate. Imagine the sweetest dessert to finalize this great banquet of tender flavours that you will star in. After that we will bring you closer to the stars up to 29th floor, at our most exclusive space in the hotel, The Dome. Because there is nothing more magical than enjoying this time with your lover at 108 meters high, with a glass of cava and the sweet smell of cocoa from our black and white fountains chocolate that will dance at the music rythm. A movie scenary for your unforgettable night.

But that’s not all … because if what you are really looking for it to conquer the heart of your lover forever, do not hesitate to book the accommodation in one of our luxurious rooms at the Hotel Hesperia Tower. A secret, we suggest you to choose the Duplex Suite, double floor and jacuzzi in the room with fabulous views over the city Barcelona. We promise you that he or she will fall surrendered at your feet!

Happy Valentine’s Day,
“from your Valentine”

We are in the Repsol Guide!

“Cozy and modern decoration with Mediterranean cuisine attentive to the season.” That is how Repsol Guide describes our restaurant Bouquet. And we can not think of a better way to start the year than with this recognition of the effort and daily work of our team. Thus, we have that distinctive that will make our customers recognize the dining experience and culinary level we offer.

This certainly serves as motivation for us to keep working hard in order to offer the best quality to our customers, because what matters most is to provide a unique experience to anyone who comes into our restaurant Bouquet.

Another New Year’s Eve in Barcelona …

This New Year’s Eve you stay in the city but you want to do something different, surprise your partner with something special, gather your friends to live the funniest night of the year, invite your parents to tell them this new project in an idyllic setting …

If you want, we can make it happen … like every year, we offer an elaborate New Year’s Eve menu in an elegant and festive atmosphere which will end in an exclusive party to 108 meters so you can see out 2015 in an unprecedented way.

Our Hall Auditorium will welcome a special night where we surprise you with our delicious dishes at the gala dinner, always with the magic touch of our delicate desserts author. But the best part comes next … the party starts at the top! Go up to our Dome on the 29th floor to enjoy the best views of the city, a scenic views under the stars of the cosmopolitan Barcelona, ​​as radiant as you’ve never seen before.

We take care of putting the ingredients to live a magical night, now you just need to choose who you want to share it with… happy new year and we hope that the best of 2015 will become the worst of 2016!