The protagonists of summer are in the Axis!

We have very appetizing news coming in our Axis Bar during that summer season. This year we wanted to organize something different, and far away from the usual freshly squeezed juices offer, we put our original touch to this tropical offer. Why not have our assorted fruit stand where customers can see, choose and create their own juices and smoothies? Said and done! So now you will find in our wonderful lobby the greengrocer corner with all the ingredients you can imagine to let your imagination run free and become the new juices bartender of the moment.

In addition to combining all the ingredients that you want you can also baptise your customized tropical combination with the name you feel more funny and turn it into trend. Upload them in your social media channels mentioning us and we will add the best ones to our top selection!

And don’t worry if you’re undecided or uncreative to figure out what fruits can combine better, because in this case you can choose one of our revitalising  juices and smoothies created for each occasion. Check out the menu and starts to ask for yours 😉

Happy summer to all!

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